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Kerri Nettles: Best Ways to Build Home Equity

Kerri Nettles: Best Ways to Build Home Equity   Home equity refers to the percentage of your home that you actually own against your mortgage Kerri Nettles goes into more detail about how to build this percentage.   Home equity can be calculated simply by looking at the amount of money you’ve sunk into your […]

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Finding the Home of Your Dreams Kerri Nettles wants to help get you through the door

With over a decade’s worth of experience, Kerri Nettles wants to ensure that you manage buying, and moving into a new property. The process of buying a house can be a long and sometimes arduous one. It’s also extremely complicated from start to finish. From securing a bond, negotiating a price on the house, to […]

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Top Reasons to Buy A Home Agent Kerri Anne Nettles

Keri Nettles on Why You Should Buy a Home With an Agent A house is one of the most secure assets to own, the real estate market moves in cycles, in the past couple years has moved in a positive trend says, Kerri Anne Nettles. For most people, at some or other point in there […]

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